We see them mostly in movies; men in impressive suits hurrying up the steps of important-looking buildings, exchanging intellectual financial jargon. Although movie depictions are not far off from the real deal, what they fail to (or more accurately, avoid) depict is the actual strenuous job undertaken by those in the financial field of employment.
Choosing a career in finance is seen as impressive and respectable. Handling money is in fact a difficult and tedious task, and being able to manage millions of it is seen as a symbol of learnedness and cause for great repute from society.
However, if choosing a career in this field, there are many things one needs to consider before making the commitment.
Educational level

For a career where you mostly deal with number and the precise field of mathematics, a background in financial education is necessary. At the school level, excellent grades for mathematics and economics will assist you in receiving the best chance to be able to enter a top university to study finance and its many trimmings.
Nowadays, a degree is almost always essential, in the financial sector. Bankers and investors are expected to handle large sums of money with little to no errors, and as such, room for error is minimized if the adequate background learning has been received. Visit this page for further information regarding margin interest rate.
Additional learning and experience
In terms of additional learning, simply engaging in the mechanisms of finance or banking will give you a good idea as to how these systems function. So following the activities of an online forex trading platform in your spare time, may be a great way with which to gain a sense of the workings of this area.
Similarly technology such as Mobile stock trading application available for smartphones, as well as financial news apps, will allow you to always sty updated and in line with current affairs in the financial field. This will become a useful bit of knowledge especially when facing job interviews at financial institutions, where a knowledge for up-to-date current affairs in the field will undoubtedly give you an edge over others.
When considering work experience, it is important to realize that finance is a field in which experience is crucial. However, this may come with its drawbacks. For instance, investment banking is seen as one of the most lucrative fields under the umbrella of finance. However, a junior-level investment banker puts in a ludicrous number of hours a week and does so for very little pay. Each work day it can be as long as 15 to 18 hours, and the workload is immense.
Therefore, it is necessary to first gain real experience in the field to gauge whether you are cut out for such a field, or should look elsewhere for better-suited employment.

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